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Post by Punkie on Tue May 28, 2013 4:25 pm

Okay everyone, this site is obviously brand new.

It was created because me and Aya (the Co-Owner) love role play, but many RPG sites are either disorganized, the owners/staff have left, and the members are... a little more than ridiculous.

Now keep in mind, this site will be taken care of by the staff, and will be a fun place to not only role play, but also a place where you can make new friends and have fun! Roleplayinsanity will be very organized, and will not tolerate rudeness or rule breaking.

The rules here are not very strict, we are much more open than most sites. There are a few limits to insure everyone is comfortable, all I ask is that you respect the rules. c:

Also jeep in mind that in order to role play, you need to have people! Me and Aya would truly appreciate any help in recruiting new members. In other words, if you have someone you know that likes to role play, or have a role play partner, invite them to come here and gain more members!

At the moment we have three staff members: Me (Owner), Aya, (Co-Owner), and Kasem (Global Moderator).

If we get more members and this site starts to get more popular, more staff will be required to help out with making sure everything is going well. At the moment I am keeping an eye on all you members, and being active/a recruiter will give you a better chance if becoming staff later on.

Thanks all for reading, and I hope to see more members soon!

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