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Site Rules (Must Read)

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Site Rules (Must Read)

Post by Punkie on Sun May 26, 2013 10:48 pm

Welcome to Role Play Insanity!

Although Role Play is a pretty simple and easygoing thing, there still have to be limits!

Basic Rules:

-Be sure to read each set of rules in each section of the forum! All will be similar, but each one has its own particular rules.
-Be kind and respectful to all users. It is not okay to be rude under any circumstances, and can easily get you banned from this site.
-No Spamming! This just makes things unorganized and unconvenent for others.

Role Play Rules:

-Violence is allowed, but if there is an exsessive amount of blood/gore/violence, I ask that you please add a warning.
-Any sexual content needs to be taken over private messaging or elsewhere. You can hint at things, but never actually say so. In otherwords, Limes are okay, Lemons are not.
-Every role play will have its own particular set of rules made by the maker. Follow all the rules of the maker, and don't complain about them. In other words, if the maker says "No one liners", Then no one liners.
-Please be sure to create your topics in the correct role play area, it helps keep things organized.

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