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Fandom RP Rules

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Fandom RP Rules

Post by Punkie on Sun May 26, 2013 11:09 pm

This area of forum is for Fandom Role Play. This means that all Role Plays in this section are based off an actual anime or manga, whether you make it based off an actual show or use Original Characters.

Eg: You can have an Hetalia Role Play, And it may involve Hetalia OCs, which in this case would mean countries/states/micronations that are not official characters in the show, but would be considered a breakoff of the anime "Hetalia".


-No God Modding unless there are very special rules by the maker.
-Take any sexual content to Private messaging or another site. Limes okay, Lemons are not.
-Violence allowed, but please leave a warning if it is exsessive.
-You must make a form. Makers, make a small form entry to make things organized for others to join and see who is/is not involved.
-Swearing is okay, but don't take advantage of it or use it exsessively.
-1x1 Role Plays, Fandom Based or not, belong in the "1x1 and Invite Only" Area of the forums.
-Follow all Rules of the maker.

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