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User Made RP Rules

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User Made RP Rules

Post by Punkie on Sun May 26, 2013 11:16 pm

User made role plays are role plays that are unique ideas, not something based off of a show. It can involve many different characters, usually has its own plot, and may even have differnt roles.

Keep in mind, these are unique ideas, not something that is taken from a show or manga. This means a role play about an orphanage where you can play as children/adopters is okay, but a role play about the anime show 'Hetalia" is not okay.


-No God Modding unless there are very special rules by the maker.
-Take any sexual content to Private messaging or another site. Limes okay, Lemons are not.
-Remember, unique ideas, no actual anime or manga here.
-Violence allowed, but please leave a warning if it is exsessive.
-You must make a form. Makers, make a small form entry to make things organized for others to join and see who is/is not involved.
-Swearing is okay, but don't take advantage of it or use it exsessively.
-1x1 Role Plays, User Made or not, belong in the "1x1 and Invite Only" Area of the forums.
-Follow all Rules of the maker.

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