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1x1 and Invite Only Rules

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1x1 and Invite Only Rules

Post by Punkie on Sun May 26, 2013 11:32 pm

This is the area of the forum for special invitation only role play, and 1x1 role play. These can be any kind of catagory, but they can only be 1x1 or invite only.

This means that its okay to have a "Hetalia 1x1 With (Insert usernames here" Or "Hetalia Invite only RP" but its not okay to have a "Join now!' RP or something along those lines.


-Do NOT make a open 1x1 topic. There is a Forum called "Find a 1x1 partner here!" Right below this one where you can find someone to RP with. Topics such as "Open 1x1 Hetalia RP" or "Who wants a 1x1?" will be considered spam and earn you a warning.
-Only people who are involved in their particular 1x1s or invite only role plays are allowed to post. If you are caught being where you're not suppose to be, you will be warned.
-Take any sexual content to Private messaging or another site. Limes okay, Lemons are not.
-Violence allowed, but please leave a warning if it is exsessive.
organized for others to join and see who is/is not involved.
-Swearing is okay, but don't take advantage of it or use it exsessively.

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